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Juliet's story

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Juliet had been out of work for seven years due to a health issue. She was keen to find a new role and had written many applications but she just wasn't getting anywhere. Fortunately a friend recommended she visit us.

Juliet is sharing her story as she'd like to inspire others to ask for help.

How did you hear about DFS?

A friend recommended DFS. She used to work there and told me she has seen firsthand the difference they make in supporting women into work and then keeping them there.

Can you tell us a bit about why you came to us for assistance?

It had been seven years since I’d been in paid employment as I had health issues which stopped me from working. I was ready to start working again but there was a big gap in my CV and I wasn’t having any success getting a job. I was spending so much time applying for different jobs and not getting any response. My friend told me that there were career coaches at DFS and that it might be a good idea to look into that.

What did you hope to achieve?

I was hoping to get a part time job in administration.

How did we help?

My career coach decided that we needed to totally revamp my CV and gave me some advice on how to do that. I spent four whole days, with her guidance, completely changing my CV and then we met up again and it went from there. She showed me how to write a cover letter that stands out and as soon as I started applying for jobs with my new CV and cover letters, I started getting responses and even interviews. My coach then gave me some advice on interviewing techniques, common questions and how to answer them. It was really hard work tailoring my CV and covering letter to each role but I followed her advice and within a few weeks I had a job! Out of the five applications I’d made I’d had four responses and three interviews. It was a huge change from the previous six months when I’d made 35 applications, had two interviews and got no job. Her advice made such a difference.

I was also given a wonderful outfit for interviews and when I got a job, I was given a full week’s wardrobe. I had a wonderful stylist who had an eye for what looked right on me and what didn’t.

How did our volunteers make you feel?

Right from the start they made me feel so comfortable and important. I remember feeling a lot better after only one session with my career coach. My stylist was so lovely and she made me feel beautiful and stylish (which I hadn’t felt for years).

What was the outcome?

I got a job that I wanted. I also became a far more confident and happy person.

What did this mean to you and what changed a result?

This means everything to me. Getting a job and receiving the new work wardrobe has given me back my confidence and drive to succeed even further.

What next?

To be honest, my goal at the moment is to learn as much as I can in my new job and perform it to the best of my ability.

How else could we support you to achieve success?

At this stage I’m focusing on my new job. But definitely in the future I would consider taking part in more DFS activities.

What does success mean to you?

Success for me was not just getting a job but also feeling better in myself so that the future looks bright again.

What advice would you give other people looking to make a change?

I didn’t think it was possible any more to get a job I wanted with the big gap in my CV. I nearly didn’t contact DFS because I was so depressed, but something just made me do it and I haven’t looked back. I encourage anyone in a similar position to contact DFS, they really can help you.

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