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Support our work by making a financial contribution or donate your gently-used clothing.


We rely on both donations of good quality clothing and financial donations to achieve our purpose.

Make a financial donation

Financial donations are vital to our work. While our programmes are largely delivered by volunteers, like all charities we still have essential running costs to cover. If you’d like to make a financial donation please the click the donate button above to go to our Raisely page. Thank you!

Donate clothing

We need a wide range of clothing of all genders and good quality casual clothes as well as workwear. We do ask that donated clothing is clean, in good condition and current, this includes classic styles that people will enjoy wearing today. 

You can drop off clothing donations at our hubs. Go to our  Contact Us page to find out where we are and when we're open.

Clothing donations are carefully sorted with some items placed on our client racks and other items selected for sale in our boutique. Quality is important for both, and while our clients are always our priority, you can be sure whether it’s through stylings or raising funds through our boutiques, your donated clothing will help people in the region achieve success. 

Please contact your local hub if you have any questions.  Thank you!

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