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Winnie's story

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Winnie joined our volunteer sales team in Dressed recently. She explains how the work experience helped her in her job search.

How did you hear about Dress for Success?

Through the volunteer programme that Work and Income recommends.

Can you tell us a bit about why you came to us for assistance?

I had recently moved to Wellington and I didn’t have much on my CV when it came to working in New Zealand. I was overseas for around six years. I came to Dress for Success to work in the shop to get some local experience.

What did you hope to achieve?

I wanted work experience that would get me into a full-time retail job or something similar.

How did we help you?

I learnt how to use the EFTPOS machine, how to talk to customers, how to style people, how to work in the back room organising clothes, and how to organise the racks in the store.

How did our volunteers make you feel?

I felt really comfortable around the other volunteers. They're very friendly and easy to talk to and showed me how things were done properly.

Did our programme(s) meet your expectations?

Yes, the programme met my expectations and I looked forward to going there every week. It was great work experience and I learnt a lot. Now I know how to work properly in a retail shop in New Zealand and it was a great routine for me every week.

What was the result? Did you achieve your goal?

Yes, I got the work experience for my CV that I wanted.

 What did this mean to you?

Because of Dress for Success I'm more confident about applying for jobs. It's really great to have this sort of programme out there which is free for me to be a part of and involved in.

What next?

Next for me is sending out my CV on Seek and handing my CV out in shops to get a full-time job in Wellington. I'm also studying at the moment, so this is great for my week and it's a productive way for me to learn about new workplaces and the work environment in New Zealand.  

What does success mean to you?

Success to me means being stable and productive every day, having a routine, getting into a career by having the right mindset, and getting a full-time job.

What advice would you give to other people looking to make a change?  

I would say to start volunteering and looking for programmes to fill in your time because it really makes a difference when you're out there and learning new things. It’s good for your mental well-being to meet and socialise with new people and try out new things.

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