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Volunteer Programme Leads

Our Volunteer Programme Leads coordinate our programme volunteers, making sure everyone has the information, tools and support they need to volunteer effectively. Our Programme Leads are an important part of our team and work closely with our Programmes Manager and Hub Coordinators. 

Volunteer Programme Lead - Mentor Programme

Our Mentors help people work out their goals and support them in their journey to achieve them. You can read more about our Mentor Programme here.  We now need a Volunteer Programme Lead to help coordinate and support our mentors. You don't need to be a mentor yourself as this is primarily a coordination role, but an interest in mentoring would be helpful.

The time commitment for this role is around 2 hours each week. This can be at home or in a hub.


Respond to enquiries from prospective mentees 

  • Describe the mentoring programme by phone or email, and answer questions.

  • Provide questionnaire and agreement to mentee for completing, and follow up if they don't respond

Respond to enquiries from prospective mentors 

  • Interview person by phone and fill out summary of skills and experience for files

  • Ask mentor to complete volunteer agreement

  • Liaise with Hub Coordinator who will arrange Ministry of Justice report and induction

Connect new mentees with mentors

  • Match mentees with mentors

  • Send and process Mentoring Agreeement forms

Track current mentoring relationships

  • Maintain spreadsheet

  • Work with Hub Coordinators to ensure mentors and mentees are accurately recorded in database.

  • Check in with mentees and mentors at regular intervals

  • Check in with mentee at the end of the relationship to confirm outcome and if further support is needed

  • Check in with mentor at the end of the relationship to see when they will be ready for a new mentee

Arrange group mentor training and meet-ups

  • Liaise with trainer and set dates for online or in-person sessions every 8-12 weeks or as needed


We're looking for someone who:

  • is great at coordinating! You'll love detail and be at home with spreadsheets and databases.

  • enjoys building relationships with people. We're all about our people so you'll enjoy picking up the phone or writing a quick email to check everyone is okay.

  • has an empathy for people from different backgrounds. Inclusivity and diversity is important to us - we're here to help everyone who needs us.


If this sounds like you then please email or call our Programmes Manager, Amanda Breton, on   022 492 9879

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