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Our Boutiques

Improving sustainability by recycling clothing is part of our mission

Our Boutiques

Our boutiques stock a wide range of great quality, donated clothes for all genders, including casual, workwear, formal and designer wear. We’re not bound by the latest fashion trends and have a range of sizes, styles, and colours – something for everyone! And if you need a hand, our boutique volunteers are available to make suggestions.

We’re passionate about style and good quality clothing that doesn’t cost the earth. That’s one reason we opened our ‘dressed’ recycled clothing boutiques. We also needed to raise funds to support our work. Every dollar spent in our boutiques helps people in our region find work, develop their careers and achieve their aspirations.

We've built sustainability into our mission. If you’re like most Kiwis you’ll care about the environment and be proud of New Zealand’s clean, green image. We want to make looking after our home, our kaitiakitanga, easy for you and fun too!

You’ll find great prices too, with each item individually priced. Our popular sale racks are also worth checking out for bargains.

All funds raised from the boutiques go to support our programmes so by shopping at our dressed boutiques, you’ll be:

  • helping local people find work and achieve success

  • helping create a cleaner environment both at home and overseas

  • saving money, or buying more clothes...

  • able to browse a variety of styles and colours

  • creating your own unique style.

Five Fast Fashion Facts

  • 92 million tonnes of textiles waste is produced globally every year, including 180,000 in New Zealand

  • The apparel industry’s global emissions will increase by 50% by 2030

  • The fashion industry is responsible for 20% of global waste water

  • Nearly 10% of microplastics dispersed in the ocean each year come from textiles

  • Fast fashion brands are producing twice the amount of clothes today than in 2000.

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